Getting A Sample Dissertation Proposal In Psychology

There are many places which will give you a sample proposal on psychology, and this will make life easier for you, as you will have a successful proposal sample to base your own proposal off. This will ensure that you maximise all your chances and increase the likelihood of you receiving funding for your research. There are many aspects to writing a successful proposal which we will also discuss in this article.


The purpose of a dissertation proposal is to convince your supervisors that you are the correct person to conduct the research. As such, you need to say why the research you want the funds for is important, what the possible consequences will be and what results you expect. You also need to write down the methodology you will employ, as this is a very important part of both your dissertation and proposal. You will asked many questions about your proposal once you submit it, so make sure you are well versed in the topic you choose to undergo a thesis for.


Since the proposal is so important, you need to ensure you have a good structure to your work so it is easy to understand and follow. The structure of your proposal should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This is a brief paragraph telling your audience what you will be proposing about and why it is important.
  • Methodology: This is perhaps the most important aspect of your proposal; here you will be discussing the methods you will employ for your research and any possible limitations of it.
  • Aims and objectives: This is where you write what you aim to achieve from your research and what results you expect briefly. This section should also include a brief literature overview of the latest research pertaining to your topic.

Writing Agencies

Writing agencies are a great place to visit to see some great samples of successful proposals in psychology. They will act as a good reference guide for you when composing your own work, and you can take some inspiration when choosing which topic to write a dissertation about.

As you can see, many writing agencies offer great samples to students of good psychology dissertations proposals. Many students can use these to know the standard they need to reach to write a successful proposal that will be granted funding by their university. We hope that you can also use our guide to write a great proposal.