Writing Your PHD Dissertation in a Proper Way

When being considered for a doctorate degree, you will inevitably have to get around to writing a dissertation proposal. As with any research paper, or any research requiring a more in-depth approach to the ideas, thoughts, and philosophies being applied, a theory must be the first concrete suggestion needed to continue. Even before a theory can be tested, make certain to have more than one on hand as you commence research. Having other possible theories as an alternative when looking into your specified area of study will help you have a wide range of options to pick from.

Research and Narrative

After being engaged in ideas and thoughts, and managing to build certain theories, the task of applying research follows. You may have begun conducting research prior to this stage by looking into literature, statistical or even empirical data to conceive an objective. One of the fundamental bases of research revolves around the ability to ask questions. When inquiring on something, it is not just asking questions for the sake of asking questions, it is taking a step back and looking at one’s surroundings with curiosity. Engaging in the performance of conducting research in various sources and ways, such as peer reviewed journals, experiments, observations, statistics, interviews, etc. will give forth a more robust means of analyzing data notation afterwards.

In the time given to think about, research, and write your dissertation proposal, a new perspective will be formed by the many thoughts and ideas that have been portrayed in your study. By providing the topic of dissertation, there will also be an idea of the topic. In the idea of the topic, a theory is presented to try and explain the idea. Can the theory be applied? To know this, extensive research methods are needed to test the theoretical hypothesis. After much research and analytical decoding of data, the theory might be proven or disproven. In which case, offering insight into a solution to either a problem, or phenomenon, or a possible explanation for such a thing happening, or maybe even presenting a new correlation in your conducted research. The possibilities of where your dissertation proposal may lead are endless, but the progress needed to get there is where the journey begins anew. Each moment is invested in finding that particular actuality.